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Expand your network. Learn the latest trends to grow a remote business, manage a remote team, and build a portable office. Access 30+ masterclasses from entrepreneurs and experts who already made it.

    The best networking for remote entrepreneurs. And you don't even need to leave home. Join from your laptop or mobile, and spend more time with your family.​
    Cate Maiolini
    Entrepreneur & Podcaster
    I love the seminars with informed and entertaining presenters, and enjoy the evenings of networking.
    Simon Thethi
    Founder Tech City News
    High-level of speakers and perfect organisation. Not the usual digital nomads but real entrepreneurs and potential clients building real business.
    Sabina Misciagna
    Human Resources

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    Why should I join the other Remotepreneurs?

    Be part of a community of peers

    Whether you are a veteran or just starting a remote business, you should not be alone. Remotepreneur provides the best opportunity to share, learn, and expand your network.

    Access the members-only exclusive group, engage other remote entrepreneurs in our virtual events, test and promote your projects with your peers.

    Access all experts' secrets

    Every week or so a new expert shares his or her secrets in a video masterclass. As a member you get exclusive access to all masterclasses – past and future ones – trough laptop, tablet, or mobile, anywhere and anytime, in video and podcast format.

    Enjoy top discounts with group buying

    As a strong community, we obtain discounts for many tools and resources that you already use or want for your success. 

    Because we are all remote entrepreneurs, we have the same needs, we group together and pay less.

    Being a Remote Entrepreneur is Hard

    Loneliness. Distractions. Doubts. Overwhelming number of tools. Fake gurus. No easy access to like-minded entrepreneurs.

    Traditional entrepreneurs can access 200 years of case studies, chambers of commerce, and historical business clubs. They can easily explain to their parents, families, and friends what they do.

    We don’t!

    Remote entrepreneurs are pioneers. We are on the right side of history, but it’s all new, and hard, and not yet recognized by the public.

    “Oh, you work from home! Did they fired you? Are you looking for a real job?” – These are the questions we risk to hear all the time.

    On top of that, we need to balance our work and free time, build and lead a remote team, communicate properly with customers and suppliers based thousands miles away, keep up with all the overabundance of tools and strategies.

    All by ourselves. All without help.

    Just sharing what’s happening with other remote entrepreneurs is often enough to find a solution to our problems.

    Despite that, we often ignore the power of network.

    Remotepreneur is a network of peers and resources already built for you. The only question that remains is – Are you ready?

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      Meet the Founder

      Elisa Giudici

      The Remote Business Lady

      Welcome fellow entrepreneur!

      My name is Elisa, a serial remote entrepreneur, 2x exits, who gained the title of “Remote Business Lady”.

      How do you feel about being a remote entrepreneur?

      I feel that being an entrepreneur is hard and exciting at the same time. Being a remote entrepreneur may be even harder.

      What we do is new.

      There is no manual, no university degree, not many available case studies, besides the fake gurus screaming on the social media.

      On the internet, you can easily find groups for digital nomads, groups for online marketing, groups for social media experts, funnels, Facebook ads, e-book writers, you name it.

      But nothing totally dedicated to us, Remote Entrepreneurs (Remotepreneurs).

      So I started our community –  the one that you are watching right now.

      • A few entrepreneurs joined this venture the first month. 
      • Quite a few more the second month. 
      • The third month over 3,600 people joined our virtual summit, together with 30 international speakers.

      Now we have a voice, and a community of peers.

      Join us and get the opportunity of sharing, asking, learning, growing – in short be part of an amazing network.

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